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John Gilbert “JG”

If you look up into the sky tonight there will be a new star shining brightly in the heavens and it is shining on senior dogs everywhere. In the early morning of Tuesday June 16th, the driving force that was TRN, John Gilbert passed away from complications after heart surgery. We can’t even begin to do justice here to the amazing person that John was to so many of us. Whether it be directly through TRN or his time volunteering at PACC or indirectly through his passion and encouragement to you to take on a senior dog, John made a difference in a lot of people’s lives and that of the dogs he loved. As we are struggling to come to terms with this news, we will continue to work with the legacy that John has left behind. Thank you for all the amazing support and words of encouragement.

Tucson Rescue Now is dedicated to adopting Senior Dogs into happy and loving homes. We bring senior dogs from local shelters to our adoption site at the La Encantada shopping center.

We are different.
Our dogs are not in kennels, they are in large playpens with couches. They can relax and be their normal, at-home selves. They get love, attention, treats, and sometimes massages. They go on walks around the mall to meet folks, and they sometimes sit on a couch just outside our front door to soak in some Tucson sun.

We are independent.
Our dogs are from local shelters but we do not receive financial support from shelters or animal welfare organizations.

We are community-driven.
Small and large donations from visitors and sponsors keep our doors open. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, so your donations may be tax-deductible. Our community of passionate volunteers keeps the big wheel turnin’.

We are dog-people.
If you are too, please visit us! You will meet some cool, very sweet, sometimes spoiled, senior dogs looking for their next home. Our environment is fun and positive for both dogs and visitors. You will not feel sad here, you will feel uplifted. If you like what we are doing, you can help by making a donation at the store.

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