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Congratulations you are now a member of Pima Animal Care Center and on your way to joining the Volunteer Group.

Your next step is to complete the Volunteer Group application below.

If you need help please email paccvolunteer@pima,gov

PACC Volunteer Team


Hello and thank you for your interest in volunteering with Pima Animal Care Center!

Please be sure to click the "Join" button above. It should be a grey rectangle with a heart and "Join" near the top of this page.

To begin the Volunteer Orientation process please follow this link: https://www.givepulse.com/event/332295-Volunteer%2BOrientation%2B2023?pkey=6508ccb2ed3b987833f55ff21deff6df

For group opportunities, please email our team at paccvolunteer@pima.gov for more details and scheduling options.

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, age limits, and available group activities, read below.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Animal Handling - Below are a handful of ways to assist our teams with animals in the shelter. These positions are dependent on schedules, availability in the department and skill.
    • Dog Walking
    • Dog Behavior Team
    • Adoption Counseling/Adoption Support Krew/Foster Support Krew (Dogs & Cats)
    • Cat Enrichment
    • Clinic (Dogs & Cats)
    • Admissions Support (Dogs & Cats)
  • Non-Animal Handling - These opportunities are for individuals that are interested in supporting our mission through office roles with no direct contact with animals. Administrative support at PACC is a critical for our daily operations, and we always need help from volunteers with these tasks.
    • Lost & Found Team
    • Administrative Support Team
    • Admissions Phone Support
    • Rehoming Assistance 
    • Adoptions Data Team
  • Outreach – These volunteer roles help our pets in the community get the more supplies they need. Community members are provided food and supplies at community events throughout Pima County.
    • Animal Transportation 
    • Food Drives in the Community
    • Microchip & Vaccine Clinics 
  • Virtual, Remote Opportunities -This pathway is an opportunity for volunteers that are interested in supporting our mission from home!
    • Community Lost & Found Support
    • Foster & Adoption Marketing
    • Rehoming Assistance
    • Administrative Support Team

Volunteer age limits:

  • ALL activities have age requirements:
    • Teenagers ages 16 and 17 may volunteer as non-handler or animal animals with their parents/guardian's permission.
    • Adolescents and teens between ages 12-15 may volunteer together with their parent/guardian. PACC requires that children ages 12-15 and their guardian volunteer in Non-Animal Handling Jump Starts and Administrative Support while on campus. Minors who are 15 years old or younger CANNOT handle animals.
    • Children under age 12 CANNOT volunteer at Pima Animal Care Center. 

 Group Opportunities:

These activities are for companies, community groups, or families that are looking for a safe volunteer options that have minimal training required.  Below are possible opportunities:

    • Fill the Pantry
    • Food distribution events
    • Donation Organizing
    • Kuranda bed construction
    • Seasonal Opportunities

If you have any questions about our volunteer opportunities here at PACC, please reach out to the Volunteer Team at PACCVolunteer@pima.gov

Best regards,
PACC Volunteer Team

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